Runner Merge and Edit facilities added

created by andrew on 01 Nov 2012

The plan for was always to allow users to fix mistakes in the results. After the latest upload from the FwtN series this became even more important as there were a number of differences in the uploaded results (names and clubs).
Next to each runner there is now a * symbol. When you click this a small popup window will appear where you can do one of two things:
  • Merge the runner you clicked on into another runner
  • Change the details of the current runner
Be careful if you do the former, the row you clicked on will essentially be deleted, so make sure you click on the 'wrong' entry.
Submitting either of these, by clicking the 'Send' button will send an email to the series admin who will then log in and either confirm or ignore the request. If confirmed the change will go live immediately.
Hopefully in the long run this will mean series admins will have less hassle when errors are spotted. The person who first sees it can submit this request and then the admin just confirms it.
As always, if you spot any problems, let me know via the contact form.

Andrew Dalgleish

p.s. The changes to the FwtN standings, on long especially, have altered the top of the standings, Bex Harding and Kirstin Maxwell now lead the way, not Crawford Lindsay as sugested before. Maybe next event Crawford!