New Feature - Points Override

created by andrew on 09 Nov 2017

All the features! Just after our major update to the site, we bring you a shiny new feature for your series of events, what we're calling Points Override. We've seen this used a lot in series before, where you give points to volunteers as some light encouragement to take on organising or planning a race.

Many of you will have seen things similar to the following from the NNC website this year:
The planner of each event gets a score equal to their highest score achieved by actually competing in the same NNC series. NEW for 2017/18: these are designed to be low-key events so it would be usual for the Planner to also act as Organiser. However if there is a separate Organiser s/he can also ask to have their volunteering counted for the same points as the Planner.
So if this is something you require for your series let us know and we will enable it for you.

Happy O'ing